Lina is Linaji

Linaji is an abstract digital artist and photographer, residing near San Francisco, California. Linaji uses keenly intuitive dramatic undertones for her sailing, floral and portrait photography. She seems to evoke memories of voyages on oceans and bays; while her abstract digital art exhibits a strong sense of history, color, and contrasts.

In Glacier Bay Alaska, Linaji spent summers photographing Natives, grizzly bears and whales. Wintering in the extreme dry heat of Death Valley California, she searched out fossils and pre-historic stories of earth and soul.

It was an unplanned trip to India in 2001 that truly identified photography and art as her life’s passion. In cities like Dharmsalla and Kashmir she developed a deeper understanding for subject, contrast and color. Linaji’s experience in world travels, have translated uniquely into her art and photography.

Linaji likes to say,
“Every day I seek the Lover… who seems to be peeking out of every corner of my life.”

For Linaji, life is the canvas and experiences and feelings are the tools she uses to express just how wondrous this world can be.

Aside from her career in photography and Abstract Digital Art, she is currently writing a book on her experiences with the Law of Attraction, integrating each page with her images and poems.


One Response to Lina is Linaji

  1. trwoody says:

    So good to find you here Lina…I followed you here from Lianne’s blogspot(which I just found last night). Simply marvelous dear friend. Much love and I shall continue my visits

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