When I have… then I will be happy

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011


More Money
Clarity; who am I?, what should I be doing?, where am I going?
More Understanding about others, about this work in the LOA, about me
Better Lover (any lover…hehehe)
More appreciation for what I do; at …work, home, from children, from partner, from boss(s)

Just worked thorough a big movement towards what I have become. All the time I am honing my list of desires and so many times my becoming state of ‘being’ is more than where I am or who the ‘I am’ is settling for.

I wanted to let you know sometimes the gaps in the blog are not because I am not paying attention to it but rather I am working through the next entries theme. I’ve so much to say on this subject ‘when I have….’ and so this week my work and now a friends husband has passed (there is an interesting subject in the law of attraction) that I will not be blogging until Monday.

In the meantime my world has connected once again to the Vortext of well being and my work and my being close to my friend who feels now such separation from her dear love and friend will be where my time is spent.

I appreciate all of you so very much. I feel the power of words from heART and the connections they seem to make here. This blog is a big JOY factor for me.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Yours in Spirit,



About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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5 Responses to When I have… then I will be happy

  1. When I have….ah, my dearest, you’ve taught me so much about the fact that being is so much more important than having. And out of the fullness of being…one can give then generously without attachment to “having” a return on investment, a lover, more of anything at all. I’m so sorry that your friend is saddened by such loss but I know the kind of consolation you can provide and the kinds of reassurances that all is at it is supposed to be. xoxox

    • linaji says:

      GOODNESS…. you are so much on my mind.. almost day and night… Honey.. I am writing about something today and I pray I can put it into words.
      Darling… Being and Having are one in the same.. you deserve a lover, health, well being.. you deserve all the HAVES you want.. but..
      how to get there is feeling like your BEING IS HAVING RIGHT NOW
      That is what I want to write about….. Oh how much I adore each and every connection with you I can feel and know that ALL IS WELL…. Change your schedule to accomidate your circumstance… YOU ARE NOT LATE IN GOING OR COMING…
      I LOVE YOU.

  2. Sassie says:

    there is a quote that I thought of as soon as I read your posting. It reads somewhat like this: we each have one wing which, when we put it alongside that of someone who needs us, permits us both to FLY. Can’t find a reference in my many journals, but I know, you know, that I know and so therefore we now both know that that is correct.
    Be well , my friend and Soar with your friend., Please extend my condolences to her for her loss.

    • linaji says:

      You are one big heart and SOUL…. I fly with you on a wingless knowing that no matter with helping or like you just BEING YOU IN THE WORLD… I am blessed my friend is blessed the whole world benefits from the way you think and act… Thank you so much for being here and talking to us about how wonderful CONNECTION is!!
      Loves ya Sass… xxxx

  3. Lisa says:

    I appreciate you and all you touch…amazing image my love. I feel blessed to be your friend and right by your side xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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