Leverage on Happiness

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

The beginning of my morning felt so unsure. I belong to an art site that seems to be in upheaval over another artist or artists that seem to project negative and slanderous ideas into the world. Well I thought; “look around it never ends”.

During this week I thought of all the issues I find offensive. The American Government is such a huge issue with me. I’ve tried to swear off television as I find the Media corrupt, I find horror in the wars ‘we’ allow to persist and that none are doing a thing about it.
Instead we are fighting each other. I have been angry, resentful and finding this ongoing anger from others at this art site was to me pittance compared to what angers me! I became a ‘know it all’ and I thought others were ‘less than’ because I really knew what is Wrong! I thought to myself “Don’t you see the real cause of all our ills is our blind eye to the people who are really screwing us!!! I became jaded towards people I truly adore and so the dis-ease was spreading. It was spreading into my eating habits, I began to eat meat again, I began to feel the pain in my joints, I began to shut down and spent Saturday my birthday, in bed. Like wild fire the pain of feeling out of control and that I was not being listened to but lied to was manifesting like wild fire in my body. I was aware very quickly however that I did not feel good and so I worked the weekend finding ways to feel better even if it was in the eating; I said to my self, I will eat and love it! I did! I said ok I will allow myself to rest in bed without guilt and listened to ½ Abraham and ½ paid attention to all the other stuff that was giving me pain. By Monday today I woke up and said ok Lina, enough. Enough buying into the uncontrollable stuff, what can you control? “ My thoughts” I said. And how do you want to feel Lina? “I want to feel good”. So before I got out of bed I put a smile on my face, I closed my eyes with a smile on my face and asked to be shown how to feel better and before you know it a letter came to me in my art site from another artist with an incredible link to a video and a site that talked about Free Hugs

I remembered Amma the Hugging Guru from India a place with so much outright corruption and pain I remembered her motto was to LOVE AND SERVE and so I started from there. I wrote a free flow poem, did not think but just wrote:

I am seeking to let go the oars

Down the river I go
I see
 My smile is reflected in the mirror

Of my heart

I am at peace.

I am at peace.

If even for a second I connect

To the profound truth

be it hidden or unknown
unknown till it is known…

I feel good when I allow

I feel good when I have a feeling

We are connected

I am at peace

I am at peace

I shall open my heart

and again

I will tend to it with a knowing

We are connected

I am at peace

I am at peace
I open up and open up
and feel

We are connected 

We are connected

I am at peace

I am at peace
Linaji 2011

Hugs are simply amazing.

That was my jumping off point and I got up and felt no pain. I got going on a letter I owed my boss and person I am working at work with where things in the summer seem out of control sometimes. I felt the love flow through my fingers and I felt solutions were being born.

I went to Docs office and there he said to me; “Lina you worry?” and I began to cry, he could see my crippled thoughts had effected my sweet body and I said yes, I did but now things are different. I cried and said all the hate is around me and inside me, I see people who hate someone and they themselves are becoming like the haters.. Ohhhhh I cried. He all along said that is ok LIna, all of this is going now. And it did, my pain was released and there I was thinking to myself, this is not about anyone else but my own focused beliefs.

And so here I am now, writing to that sane place of connection with all that is my Source. Here I am feeling better knowing I have said out loud I give up my hate today, today I give up my fear of governments and others that I allow to take away my freedom to love. Today I am redirecting my attention to how I want to see that world not how it seems to be. I did it with my body and now I feel I can do it with my world at large…. I have see in these last years the proof that one must be the change they want to see.

About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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37 Responses to Leverage on Happiness

  1. Judi says:

    Gosh, I love you … I will write more later. Just know that I needed to read this and you have been in my thoughts. We need each other … we are each other … we love each other. I am so glad you are a part of me!

    • linaji says:

      Hi dear Judi,
      I was on the phone when you called. Such a powerful day of coming to terms with so much of what ails my view of life and love. Indeed we are CONNECTED! XOX

    • Stew says:

      something along the lines of, "If everyone went to China, who would adopt the children in foster care? And if everyone adopted from foster care, who would adopt the children from Russia?" . Adoption is adoption- it doesn't matter where they are from or if they are older, babies, special needs, or &q&ol;typicatuquot;.

  2. Ah my sweet friend, you are in such a good place in your life…and such a mentor to so many. You have no idea how much I learn from you each and every day. We journey so much together and lift each other. Just love you so much xoxox

    • linaji says:

      It is such an honor to know and to love you my dear Lianne. I know we are here to remind each other to listen most certainly to our feelings… they tell us when we are in vibrational proximity with how our maker sees us. We are a chip off of that block in a big way!! heheh you … I LOVE!

  3. mel brackstone says:

    With love we can find a way 🙂

    • linaji says:

      When I listen to what feels good, like your journal, I feet the love and deep willingness to reveal a clarity that sometimes we are ready to hear. You do a great service to RB and to me. thanks Mel

    • Eloise says:

      "He wants the job because he wants a prtinomoo. He was governor, now he wants to be president. Why? Because it’s a step up."I don't completely agree. He wants it for his father.

    • I simply want to say I’m all new to blogging and seriously liked your web page. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You certainly have terrific well written articles. Regards for sharing your website page.

    • I love that you save the same kind of crazy things 🙂 I'm forever clipping off 'bits I can use' from shirts, packages, tags, etc. And those ribbons inside shirts for hanging them up! lol THe food flags are a great score – and you couldn't find a more perfect embellie for a page about their food!

  4. Lisa says:

    OH my love,
    this is exactly what I needed to read….
    your wisdom and truth has a set me free power to it. I’m a mess right now as you know but your words are helping me to pull myself together. Love everything you’ve said here apart from not being well, and in bed on your b’day. I wish I’d been there to give you food in bed…

    I love you xoxoxox

    • linaji says:

      Hello sweetheart. SWEETHEART…

      I am having a rough one today, as is the cycle of ‘not knowing’ So I’ve saved this lovely comment till today to answer. This entire cycle of ‘where I am’ is getting bigger and bolder of which I will write about in todays blog. In the meantime having your window on life open and your experience available, I know I am not alone.
      Thank you for your joyous nature and the celebration of life when you allow.
      xoxoxooxoxoxox I love you too!

  5. robpixaday says:

    Everything will be OK…little deaths, big lives…
    You ARE the light you want to see, Lina.

    • linaji says:

      for some reason this comment just makes me smile, little deaths…BIG lives.. you have such a brilliant heart my friend.. thank you!

  6. robpixaday says:


    • robpixaday says:

      ::runs over and gives Lois a BEEEEEEEEEG hug::

      Hi, Lois!! I”m here too!

      • Lois Bryan says:

        laughs and gives Robin a beeeeg hug back!!!!!

        • linaji says:

          to see play right here on this site!! YIPPIE!!!!!
          you both have a heart and soul that shines where ever you go. Thanks so much for your wise way of handling last week Lois!! xox

      • linaji says:

        awww this feels so good! ha!!!

      • Leatrice says:

        Ihan mahtavaa keskustelua täällä! Itse syön toki sekä valkoista että tummaa jauhoa sokerilla ja ilman, enkä juuri koskaan hedelmiä (koska en diggaa). Olen siirtynyt käyttämään lukitonkosmenniokaa, ja selkein muutos on, että tarvitsen nykyään vähemmän purkkirasvaa. Silti edelleen ihon kannalta tärkeimmät muutokset tapahtuvat nimenomaan hormonikierron mukaan. Ihmiset varmaan eroavat tämän suhteen aika tavalla.

      • The mass of fresh quality content on your incredible website has totally made me recognize the massive authority your site contains. Incredible posts and articles all ’round. Keep it up.

    • linaji says:

      NO… you are!!! xoxox

  7. Jim says:

    You are such a sweet and pure soul. And some are born with crabshells but some like you and me are born skinless so we feel stuff. I still struggle with feeling defenceless in so many situations, and that a small tremor to many people feels to me like a 7.8earthquake. So many times I wished for less sensitivity, to absorb less impressions, for more “endurance” in somebody else’s marathon. But alas all that protest only weakens me.

    I like answering your blogs from the point of view of “I” and my own experience, and you like it when your work makes one reflect. I’ve always struggled to understand this subjectivity but last night I had this vision of one consciousness coming down like an inverse fountain into many points that “curled” around at the ends, the curled in position is our subjective points. Because of that angle of the curl, we are facing the opposite direction to our origin, and hence we forget that our subjective points are coming from a unified source. I wish I had art skills, I could draw it or paint it.

    So what is it when I feel your energy Lina? I am reminded more and more of my own purity. I think there is nothing wrong with feeling pain, sometimes I realize that I am not always just engaged in my own work. Sometimes we have talked about how we differ there, as in I seem to feel the burden of collective psyche more at times. But often I realize that I will be as a miner for the next three days and I will get dirty, because I am rescuing another orphan. Is it mine? Who knows. But I am getting better at accepting that it seems to be a part of my job, my calling. Its not always wise to take it personal. I could write a lot more about the anger and the world news but thats for another day 🙂

    • linaji says:

      Gosh Jim,
      5 days later and it seems years. Am I up to all this learning? All this allowing?
      All this what feels like painful ‘not knowing’?
      I appreciate your comments so much and… you really. I only wish I could be rescued by another. But in the end it is only my allowing to be rescued that I can be in any way shape or form.
      Been gone to see niece graduate from collage. Feels good to see her continue to thrive and step into her life.

      I would love to see you draw or find a photo that rep’s the image you laid out in your comment. However in a nutshell for me today it is about alignment, which is connection, to Source to the higher ‘see’ point of what we all truly are. Yes forget I do, and then it comes back to basics, to finding a way to look around and feel good about right where I am.

      Thanks dear friend, this connection I continue to have with you always feels just right.

  8. liesbeth says:

    “Today I am redirecting my attention to how I want to see that world not how it seems to be.” “I have seen in these last years the proof that one must be the change they want to see.”

    Belonging to that same Artsite i was wondering what was going on.. what is all the fuss about.. why don’t i see these offensive pieces.. ? i don’t have a safefilter on so.. but you know what Lina.. maybe because more and more i think / am out of love..
    That doesn’t make me unaware of the negative being in this world but i honestly believe that what you give attention to, grows larger. In the past i certainly would feed the negative matters until another artist made me aware of how negative that in itself can be. So i decided to do it otherwise.. learned that it is better to feed the possitive in order to keep the balance. And it works..i know it does..i feel it. I won’t be able to remove the negative by doing so but if more of us understood the power of love this place we call our home would be a better place.. ( not that i’m never negative.. hehe.. but i’m changing my attitude and that is very rewarding )

    a little while ago i read an article about a woman who started to walk for peace.. very inspiring.. you can read more about her here; http://www.peacepilgrim.com/

    This is the way of peace:
    Overcome evil with good,
    and falsehood with truth,
    and hatred with love.”
    ….Peace Pilgrim

    ps.. every time i see a vid about free hugs i think to myself..i want to do that too… must be an amazing experience…;)


    • linaji says:

      Dearest lisebeth…
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I’ve yet to got to Terris lovely gift and write but where I am it shall for now be here in letting you know I too value so much of where you have been, what you feel and where you are going.
      Your last line on hugs is exactly how I felt in viewing this guys intent. Infact perhaps hugging is where I truly would love to be today.

      How much changes in my experience from one day to the next all with an underlying current of creating my experience rather than regurgitating it.
      My blog is waiting to talk more on the same thing we discussed here…
      What is…
      strong current of what I don’t want seems to be the dominant vibe these last few weeks.

      I never saw the images either until some of the people I adore brought them to my attention through journals ect. I am of the belief that giving attention to what one does not want brings more of what one does not want.

      The themes are endless… as I am experiencing this week.
      I shall go see your vid later and comment again if I feel moved to do so. I love you put this here in the blog, I feel I am leaning so much from my own writing as well as others who post their thoughts. This is one rewarding venture.

      Love and more Love,

  9. shar says:

    Just so you know…I may not always comment, but I always read. So many changes, we all go through. Love your sharing, your honesty…and always feel less alone when I read you, darling Lina. Thank you. xoxoxoxo

    • linaji says:

      You just be committed to what you want to do whenever you want to do it Shar. I do not expect you to do more than what is calling you. That be my problem this week and I don’t feel much relief except that my mind is moving more toward appreciation (in the writing of these replies) than of feeling bad for what I view as what I don’t have; To give or receive.
      I just adore you and love you so very much.

  10. liesbeth says:

    hadn’t seen your reply before Lina.. thank you for your birhtday wishes.. 😉

    “I am of the belief that giving attention to what one does not want brings more of what one does not want”.. so agree with you.. xxx

  11. ken roome says:

    Lina, you have such a beautiful way, a beautiful process for letting the soul-song of your self BE in the world. To embrace the world as you want to see it, and not how it seems to be, what an incredible truth. This blog, I love this blog…what a wonderful, loving help to the world.


  12. Tori Yule says:

    Lina, I adore you and your way of seeing things. I know that there will always be ups and downs, but when we do give attention to the things that bother us, it is hard to get out of bed. As an extremely sensitive person, I have to work hard at keeping the bad stuff at bay. It is a never ending battle. I find laughter, any way I can get it, helps me the most. Great stuff here, learning – to live my life free from the haters, to see what works for others, to be conscious of how my thinking effects every single thing in my life. You’re doing great work here, friend.

  13. Deon says:

    Keep these arctelis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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