Chipping away at the layers of Pain and Habit

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

I started to write out my Testimony for Dr. Lin, in my last entry Breakthrough in Healing which also included a background of Dr. Stephen Lin. Below is my Testimony for Dr. Lin in full:

My Testimony for Dr. Stephen Lin:

Before I came to the healing rooms of Dr. Lin I had suffered a deep depression and was in the throes of experiencing an acceleration of symptoms from a disease I discovered I had in 1999, Hepatitis C. I contracted this virus in the mid 80′s when the screening for blood from donors did not take place. I was in the hospital 3 times for tubal pregnancies which landed me in the emergency room 3 times and laid up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks each episode.
Coming from a background in Christian Science I was feeling fine and so let the thought of doing any radical treatment that involved so many side effects with only a 40% chance of a cure go as an option. I had gone to India and lived for 6 years off and on and in the end suffered for the living there by way of pollution in air and water. The food was too good either as much of the soil in India is watered with unprocessed sewage. I came back in 2006 very sick and so began the decline of my health.

By the time 2009 came about I was coughing so bad sometimes I thought I would throw up and the persistence of the cough felt unnerving. I began to take antibiotics which did something for a bit but not much. I was so weak that I could hardly climb my stairs home after working my job which sometimes lasted 12 hours on my feet.

I had heart fluttering (Atrial Flutter) which I knew was not good as I read the possible effects from such a condition. I also had several angina attacks and felt my sweet heart was suffering way too much. More so my skin would itch at night to a degree of almost burning. My left foot was beginning to feel ‘frozen’ and I knew this a circulation issue and was a possible precursor to Diabetes. In May of 2010 I began to sleep and feel tired to the point that most days I would be in bed by 3pm and not get up till 6am the next morning. I did not feel well and thought sure this was about my last days on earth.

On a Sunday in the last week of January 2011 I asked the Universe/God to either take me back so I could start again or I insisted if I was to be here please let me live a quality life! I was in tears and felt like this was the end of my time. The next day I met a friend who told me of Dr. Lin as I had broke down and told her of my fears. I met Dr. Lin on a Monday and by Wednesday in the last week of January 2011, I had my first treatment.
After that first treatment I sat up and felt like I was vibrating from the inside out and I remember feeling like I had deeper breath and was full of light. I told the Dr. as much and he sat me down and showed me my new life in diet. Basically he said for me with Hep C I needed to be on a Vegan Diet with Soy Milk and soy beans as my Protein along with other food items (veggies) that carry a good amount of Protein, and sweet Potatoes with Avocado, a staple he recommends to woman at my age and time.

I noticed how good I felt when I left the office and I noticed how much better my knees felt. My knees, even in the best of times, where a weak point in my body. When I woke up I noticed a marked difference in my pain threshold and where I had been taking 4 to 8 Ibuprofen per day, I stopped immediately and have not taken except one in the fist week of my recovery. What a miracle that was and now after drinking his amazing cleansing juice with 3 treatments per week I have lost over40 pounds as of this writing and it is end of May. I have noticed a huge shift in my ability to work my job. What joy to notice after working the 12 hours shift, I felt as if I could work 12 more! I had still suffered pain in back and body at about 10 hours in but now I feel strong and fit. Almost after the first treatment my cough which I had for over a year was completely gone! Dr. Lin said my cough was from my heart. No more fluttering, No more angina attacks. My knees are feeling so happy and I am celebrating with whole heart the changes that take place inside and out.

I am an artist and have noticed too my ability to create is X 10! I feel more clarity and more joy when I am working my art!
Each day I truly wake up with more energy and freedom inside my body. I continue to follow his recommendation in diet and recently he showed me a way to gain energy through a ‘chi’ exercise that brings vitality and youth back to the body.

I’ve my whole life back and I remember what the Doc says when I am feeling ‘overwhelmed’…

What wisdom and what gifts this man has been given! I’ve no doubt I am cured of my diseases for he like myself believes in REGENERATION OF THE BODY. After each treatment he says to me when he is done…“Ok Lina, One year YOUNGER” and let me say I do believe this is so.
Thank you Dr. Lin, you have truly changed my life from the darkness into the light.

Lina Reynolds
San Francisco, California.

About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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22 Responses to Chipping away at the layers of Pain and Habit

  1. I am sooooooooooo happy about all this, dearest Lina – and your joy is contagious. What a beautiful testimony, not just to your Dr. Lin, but to life itself and to belief in the abundant gifts of the Universe which are already ours if we simply open our eyes, our hearts and remain joyfully expectant. Just love you! xoxoxox

    • linaji says:

      Hello my dearest heart…
      I had such a wonderful week and you have been on my mind much of it. I am full of love and appreciation for you and your journey. I know the answers for your asking are ready and waiting, revealing themselves with such a deft hand and knowing that we do have eternity to work all this stuff out… and I have a full belief that our growth enhances each other.
      I Love you with all me heart. xoxoxoxox

  2. Sassie says:

    Oh, girlie—I am so happy that you channeled Dr. Lin and that his treatments have helped you. That is a BIG HALLELUJAH song…For as you know, you have much work to complete yet and your improved health will aid you in doing it.
    Hurrah for feeling much better.
    Peace to you, sweetie

    PS. Wish there was a Dr. Lin here in NYC. Could use some adjusting myself.;))

    • linaji says:

      Sassie… I told him we needed a million of him! I am finally in a place to answer and reblog again. So much to talk about with all the goings on in the world of this gal anyway. I am learning so much Sassie! This week felt full of lessons and I hope I can continue to express what it is I am leaning to the depths of me heart. In the meantime, I feel, so feel your HALLELUJAH song. You have an energy and a love that seeps throught all that seems dark. I appreciate you dear Sassie, I sure do.!

  3. Judi says:

    Amazing tale of how the spirit can soar when positive energy and thoughts clear the way! I am so happy for you, Lina. Getting younger every day … and feeling it too! Now that is the miracle of YOU.
    Much love.

    • linaji says:

      Hello dearest Judi,
      It has been a whrilwind in the story of art and so you know one is appreciative of people like yourself who walks this road with a desire to live with ease and find ways to love. I sure appreciate you darling heart.

  4. Linda Lovett says:

    Excellent write! I too believe in miracles & answers to prayer.

    • linaji says:

      I know you do dear Linda. Thank you so very much for your light and your big talented heART! xox

  5. Lisa says:

    My Love,

    what a brilliant account of your life changing and you being well in body and spirit so affirming and powerful. I am so honoured to know you. I love you xoxoxo

  6. liesbeth says:

    First of all i want to thank you for sharing so much of You.. it helps others Lina.. I think we could all use our own Dr Lin in order to gain a compleet healthy body and if i was living close to you i would go see him immediately.
    But foremost i think this is a story about trust..i bet part of the healing is because of your trust in your body to heal..not only in Dr Lin and his therapy but also in you..did he give you that..could be.. does that matter? no..don’t think’s there..and it came to you after your cry out for help.. That i believe is how it works.. the answers we need come to us when our asking for it comes from the depths of our soul..

    i love to read your story, because it is one of Hope and insight.. xxx

    • linaji says:

      Incredible weeks have passed and yet it is only today I’ve the time to post and to reply. I hope you know it is my desire to answer as soon as I can and when I wait it is because I am not sitting right here in my ‘blog spot’ the place I usually write my blog and answer called ‘Whole Foods’… it is a store that has most lovely seating and plug in’s for ones computer. I am better at being outside my house to blog then inside. so much to do!! ha!

      Elizabeth this is my new desire, to help Dr. Lin in some way as I can to teach others this mighty ability. He is now doing so but in very small doses. I don’t think the Universe will let this one go with out a way to expand.
      However there must be many of his kind and indeed it is the deep desire and trust I kept as my own belief system that there was always health even when ‘what is’ looked glum. You are so right and knowing you and a few on this road like me brothers comment below, I am reminded how much we are attracters of our own well being. Today I write again. I am feeling a bit pensive as what I want to write about is a hugh lesson I am leaning as the week moves on over at RB. Wow just a big fat lesson!!
      Thank you so much for having the love in your heart to connect with me dear Lisbeth.

  7. Bro says:

    Hallelujah!And remember Dr Lin doesn’t do this in and of himself, you are the one that attracted and got on board with a distinct desire and willingness to heal, takes two to tango on this, you found a good team mate in helping you make friends again with your body – way to go — yaaaay!

    • linaji says:

      Yah I hear you bro. I feel the day I said I was ready to live was the moment I turned toward the direction of my desire, health and well being. Course it don’t hurt to have a bro like you in my life reminding me of my creative bounty.
      Love you much and thank you brother. xoxo

    • Debra says:

      Brent, you really tickle me and amaze me. Your posts are humorous, insightful and so inrseetting. You are finding ways to cope and understand in an environment that is tricky at best. I’m proud of you, what you and the troops are doing and you make me smile. God bless and keep you and I contine to keep you all in my prayers.

    • I don’t know about sage but I know from personal experience than a fresh infusion of rosemary does wonders for the hair.Before dismissing the herbal ingredients as fillers put in to sound good, I wish you’d address the real issue – are they present in sufficient quantity or quality to be active ingredients?

    • si samad tu bkn miskin sgt pon da mampu bli lori pon kirenye dia da ade duit la, tp da jenis pompuan nie mata duitan nampk laki kaye pandai ayat senang2 serah diri, jgn laki tu kaki pompuan udah, dpt ANU pompuan lps 2 tggal kan , da byk kes mcm nie blaku, bg aku samad bkn org susah dia mampu tp x la skaya anak2 dato

  8. Bro says:

    Oh, and just another addendum from a friend of mine – “Your gift will come as soon as you are ready to receive it.” – Alan Cohen — as it certainly has here… be it

  9. i love you so much. x

    • linaji says:

      Goodness Gretchen ME TOO YOU!!!
      What a whirlwind of weeks, not much but so much it seems to be taken in and to feel ease with. Gonna visit you today my dearest. xox

  10. Lois Bryan says:

    So beautiful, my sweet girl. As you peel away the layers you become even MORE beautiful. I rejoice with you and for you and in you!!!!!!! Much love from me to you!!!!

    • linaji says:

      Oh Lois!!
      I hope you had a chance to read the blog entry ‘leverage on happiness’ concerning the RB flurry, for this day and every day seems like a blessing, reveling the juice of life. Thank you dear friend.

  11. Malinda says:

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