Now… Back to the story of BREAKTHROUGH in healing

I’ve spent some time lately in the here and now of my experience. It has felt good to divert abit from the story of ‘where I came from’ to ‘here I am now’ and it also felt good to write about what the law of attraction means to me. However this blog also wants to keep up with the progress in the physical so I thought I would do something quite different and mix what I’ve been asked to do by my Doc in the way of writing out my testimony of healing which he would like to include in his upcoming book (wow I feel honored), and also let you in on this Doctor/Being, whom I consider beyond doubt a major healing energy in my life and also in this time and place (this world at large).

In the blog entries Taking the First Step PUrple and Breakfast of Champions I began to describe some of the symptoms of my dis-ease. Today I will go back into that description and give you a little background on Dr. Lin:
Dr. Lin has come from a line of healers. His Grandfather and Great Grandfather were both Doctors of Chinese Medicine. Both hoped their grandson would continue the study of healing and also hoped he would research more on the subject of chronic illness and finding ways to eradicate disease without the use of toxic medications.

Dr. Lin, who at present is in his mid 70’s but looks no older than 60, has spent 40 years in study and persistent application of his findings on his patients to create a system he now calls Acubone Therepy. This system addresses the foundation of our bodies, the bone structure and the bone itself, more later.

Dr. Lin graduated from the University of Tiwan in Natural Herbal Medicine but felt compelled to study in Japan where he wanted to hone his mind in the worldly understanding of business and finance, he left Japan with an MBA. He then came to Canada, United States and Germany where he continued his research to gain more information and understanding in the subject of healing without pharmaceuticals.

He went full circle and when he felt he had researched enough on this line of thinking and study, there was a part of him that knew this was just not enough. He felt a great desire to go to China where he found almost immediately a Martial Arts Master who used a power found in the focus of energy or chi to aide in the healing of injured students that practiced the martial Arts. This was of deep interest to Dr. Lin and he stayed on studying with this great Master until he himself mastered 30 different martial arts practices.

With his lifetime of natural healing research behind him and now the embodiment of mastering intense focus of energies gained from the study of Martial Arts with a Master Teacher, Dr. Lin began to test out a growing understanding of what the underlying problem was of curing chronic illness. Acubone Therepy addresses 14 Meridians and 350 organ points in the human body. Whats more Dr. LIn through his work with this system has discovered 200 more.

His understanding in addressing the bones (they hold the toxins and cannot be relieved of them by means of physical pressure only and or massage) as one of the main reason for chronic illness. He has been able to completely erradicte illness and disease from the body and aid in the regeneration of organs and tissue; which when working to their optimal levels is part of all that will keep disease away from ones experience.
I am amazed at his ability. It has worked for me faster than I can type this message out to you.

My Testimony for Dr. Stephen Lin:

Before I came to the healing rooms of Dr. Lin I had suffered a deep depression and was in the throws of experiencing an excelleration of symptoms from a disease I discovered I had in 1999, Hepititis C. I contracted this virus in the mid 80’s when the screening for blood from donors did not take place. I was in the hospital 3 times for tubal pregnancies which landed me in the emergency room 3 times and laid up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks each episode.
(completion of testimony in next blog)


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I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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7 Responses to Now… Back to the story of BREAKTHROUGH in healing

  1. Lisa says:

    My love,

    I’m so eager to read more, I long for your continuation of the testimony,
    your praise for Dr Lin is wonderful to read, there is no doubt in my mind that a difference has been brought about in your life. I adore you xoxox

    • linaji says:

      Farg…. I pressed the ‘publish’ button by mistake and so then I thought ok.. break time for RB and theee… heheheheh Thank you sweetheart the rest tomorrow.. now to your posts… new ones yes??? xoxoxo

  2. Linda Lovett says:

    I so enjoy your blog.

  3. shar says:

    You are so lucky to have found him. A great healer so knowledgeable, wow. I have two Chinese doctors who I respect and adore. If it were not for them, well, let me say they restored my faith in doctors. I am not yet where I need to be, however, I am only beginning to research certain healing treatments without the use pf pharmaceuticals, as I live with chronic pain due to a car accident. My injuries are such that it makes it difficult to do even that. Long story, very personal. I am anticipating more of your writing. Thank you for sharing once again. xoxo

    • linaji says:

      I am not discounting the choices we make using pharma, but it is nice to expose the alternative. I know you have come from some times that even now feel like a ‘battle’ but your searching and desire will bring you to a place as it has RIGHT NOW… of finding out what you need to know to feel better. So glad you have a couple of amazing Docs!!! xoxooxox

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