Breakfast of Champions

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

I walked out of the Doc’s office with a feeling of vibrancy and expectancy. I did not have many thoughts but that I felt great and taller, thinner and as my doc says at the end of each treatment;. “Ok Lina, you are one year younger!”… Ha! I smiled to myself and thought “I do believe I am!”.

As I descended the stairwell I felt to turn around and saw a UPS guy behind me. I felt compelled to speak and said, “you should see that Doctor”. He looked at me and said; “you know, I was going to ask you how you felt leaving his office but I stopped myself. “That’s ok my friend, your feelings spoke louder than words”. I laughed and continued speaking letting him know I was the poster child for his practice, we both laughed. I also let him know that before I walked into Dr. Lin’s office at the end of January this year, I was taking 4 to 8 Ibuprofen a day. Sleeping from 3p.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. For those who are not familuar with this drug, it is a over the counter pain killer that relieves muscle aches and pains. People with swelling and other inflammatory issues may take this medication or others like it but in doing so it wreaks havoc on the liver; and for the likes of me allowing my liver to clean up this toxic drug was well… not very nice.

We parted ways and I acknowledged the feeling of my expanding nature. I was beginning to really feel the truth for me that I was/am above all aVibrational Being I did not feel amazed at this interaction more, I felt sure that this is the way my life was going.

I got into the Car and opened up the juice he gives to each of his patients at the end of each visit. I drank in the lush flavors of carrot, green leaf veggies and for sure celery, ummmm… I was indeed partaking “The Breakfast of Champions”


About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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20 Responses to Breakfast of Champions

  1. Linda Lovett says:

    I am so happy for you! Wonderful writing and news.

    • linaji says:

      OH LINDA!!! I was just finishing the first post in a while and so so nice to feel you here! I am actually having a fun day and posting this feels like a gift! But more so that you popped in and let me know. I CAN’T STOP SMILING! X

  2. liesbeth says:

    From 4-8 ibuprofen to a breakfast of champions….way to go Lina.. x

    • linaji says:

      Hi Liesbeth! What a week, errr, month. I contemplated writing about my guilt of not blogging for some time but when I did, I kept avoiding the blog. So after 2 weeks of straight up work and then some, I just saw the Doc, drank the juice and wrote from what is going on right smack…NOW!

      It was completely amazing liesbeth, that day of going for the first time for treatment and to not having one pill since. I’ve not had rapid healing like that since I was a kid.. oh yah.. I’m getting younger… tehehe xxx

  3. Jim says:

    I got me a juicer last December and know the benefits of waking up to some fresh prana. I would get 2kg of juicing carrots, a couple of celery bunches, some ginger, greens etc. It is good to drink something alkaline when you first get up apparently (veg juices are mostly alkaline whereas fruit is acidic), and then not have something acidic for at least an hour. It is good to put some unheated honey in it too if you make it in bulk as it sweetens and preserves it for a few days.

    I cannot emphasise enough also drinking raw milk, unpastueurised, unhomogenised. It is still illegal (haha biggest joke ever) in Australia but they can get away with it by calling it a Cosmetic Skin/Bath treatment and selling it that way. So I get it from local organic store and it is wonderful in so many ways. Its such a shame the Germ Theory has been taken for reality by modern consumers, as our body knows loves and craves certain bacteria. Pasteur himself realized he was wrong a few weeks before he died, but the germ theory opened up a market space for pharmaceuticals and health products so has become the thing which is unquestioned by conditioned humanity. Here is the link if youre interested in the benefits.

    Also, I should say how much I enjoy not what you write about only but HOW you are telling your story. It is very universal, miraculous and gives us all the sense that anything is possible. Indeed, you are serving up some soul food Lina 🙂

    • linaji says:

      Gosh Jim, I love reading your wisdom and your experience with all that is good for the bod. I know you will be a 90 year old in a 50 year old body, because of your talent for understanding what works with you and your sweet system here on the earth plane. I will indeed look into using the raw honey he gave me to prolong the juice. However since I see him 3 x week I pretty well can keep up but sometimes I would love to leave it for one more day.
      Love your MILK LINK…. amazing isn’t it and the fact that so many must have had a whoppie that our dear Pasteur did not live long enough to say more on what he realized… is he rolling ova thinking how the name Pasterized perhaps came to be?
      The way you get your milk is brill btw!
      He does not have me on milk or any animal products but sometimes I would love some. I shall look into that more.

      Appreciate your input as to my writing. It feels good here and I think I am learning as I go what this thing called ‘book’ may look like.

      So good to feel you, see you and hear from your deep and playful heart.

  4. shar says:

    wow. happy one year younger! you are a tremendous inspiration to me. xoxoxoxo

    • linaji says:

      Hello sweet Shar!!
      I appreciate your letting me know you were here and liked what you read. I am having a wonderful day still and am sending you big LOVE! XXX

    • Beyonce says:

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  5. Doreen Phillips says:

    Wow…….I could feel your fresh breathing,veggie loving,younger getting,beautiful soul soaring,heart warming self reach a place that is speaking so much to me Lina……
    With any form of pain killer anyone should drink 2 pints of water and take some Milk Thistle……..x
    Love love love you my darling friend….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • linaji says:

      Awww Doreen,
      What a treasure in finding you here! Glad I no longer have to take those rascals and what great advice if one does!! Thanks so much dearest.
      hehehehe you always crack me up with your spot on observations!! I love you too Doreen and I know this road is a never ending learning curve and we do have eternity to work out the kinks.. heheheh xoxooxo

  6. Tori says:

    I’m glad you found that doctor who has helped you change your life of from pain and fatigue to vibrancy and all that you are. You are an inspiration to me, and I’m glad you found the time to post here. I miss your presence in my life. xxxx

    • linaji says:

      Dearest Tori,
      Oh wow, I know this Doc came about through my constant desire for relief. By this time I can see it was my specific opening for allowing myself to let go what I had been pushing against.
      I have been struggling with my knees. Since a child I can remember they would do things not so strong oriented and now it seems they really need me to see them in a different light.
      Well I’ve a tough time seeing them different so when I woke up the other day a thought came to me that said. Instead of focusing on your knees, when you get up or down, why not focus on your strength. My thighs.. are so strong. So when I get up I put my minds focus on the thighs and I have not had a problem in feeling a sharp pain when I do.
      I do believe our desire is heard dearest and we just have to be playful and ready to receive what we desire. Who knows how it may come to us but to be open vessels for a solution.
      I miss you too but today I feel your light full on.
      Love you

  7. Lisa says:


    I just took my first ibuprofen, I did not sleep last night due to the worst tooth ache, I’m sure I’ve an abscess as half my face is swollen 😦 I’m off to the dentist very soon and OMG I’m so scared of dentists. But this pain 😦

    anyway enough of me, what a wonderful post darling, you truly are an inspiration. You are amazing
    I love you xoxox

    • linaji says:

      Hello dearest,
      I am thinking of you today and want you to know how much I love you. You are going to be ok I know and you are meeting your worst fear but it too shall be taken care of in a painless way. This is not the old days darling!
      Sending you big hugs and appreciation. xoxoxo

  8. Robin says:

    You my dear are an inspiration, loved this post which gives me hope….I have yet to find someone in the medical community to work with me for all they want to do is hand me more pills for they contribute all my aches and pains to depression which may be true, however the antidepressants do not help for the only create more chaos in my body…I’m on the fourth antidepressant prescription which I will have to go through withdrawl on once again for I am not responding…. I am depressed this I know even on the antidepressents… at first I was not, for I had hope and I knew I was going to beat this….and yet something went wrong and I lost it…and now I pray each evening for the lord to take me home, and than I feel guilty that my thoughts stray that way…I’ve been reading your posts and I admire your strength and courage… thank you for sharing your journey and taking us with you on this journey of hope… I still have hope, I just need to find the faith to carry it through….much Love to you, Robin

    • linaji says:

      Dearest Robin…
      I am just so happy you are here and indeed I do know that feeling of saying ” I am done with this suffering”… really not much ‘bad’ in that for me since the voice of our desire even becomes more clear. I have faith in YOU. I have faith in YOUR connection to Source.. and being that I truly believe we have eternity to work all this out, you have time my darling heart.
      That is something that used to comfort me when I thought I was was just about done with all that I thought I could not ‘get’…but low I did find a way more than not to think just a bitty thought that feels better .. that gave me relief…
      That is the bank account I was referring to. The road was not all ‘knowing’ but when I became conscious of what I was thinking and asked myself could I possibly find a thought that felt a bit better.. I found the relief that would not otherwise show itself. More on this later Robin, again I trust this life and your intelligence is YOURS … connected to that part of you that sees you as well, well , well .. I see you so, I see you vibrant and learning and becoming. I see Love.

  9. Sassie says:

    Hey girlie—your heart is already as young as a child–now your bod is catching up.
    Full steam ahead, my friend, you’ve caught the wind and are Sailing…..!!!
    Big hugs & a kiss for you my friend
    Sassi;)))))xoxoxoxoxo ((((you))))(these are hugs, in case you don’t know ;P)

    • Greta says:

      Your breakfast hash looks delicious, great picture. BL, it was a bummer for Chism but he took it like a man. I think he stands the best chance to win the at home. I don’t have a favorite either am right there with you on my least favorites! I thought it was cheap at the end when they didn’t show us Chi;&m#8217ss progress but told us to log onto the site.

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