At a Snails Pace…FYI

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

I feel at times I’ve an impossible task of keeping up with all the new choices as of late and keeping the flow of what is already in place (my routine) flowing. Now that I write that… there is nothing routine about my life except work and my once a week visit and participation to the all women’s writing group I join in on Tuesday, yes today. (secret yippie!!)

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to share something important with you all and that is information and permission concerning the images I upload on this blog. They are all taken by me and or created by me. I’ve meant to tell you that if you care to copy and use these images in anyway you desire you have my full-on permission. Any image I post in this blog I share and gift to you. Oh wow does that feel good.

I’ve noticed so many younger people find it easy to share images and backgrounds and textures, all for free and I wanted to make it a point to try on that feeling. They see the wave of the future in sharing files and information freely. I like the way I feel when I post my images and know I’ve not a thing to worry about because I let go the fear of my work being ‘stolen’ or borrowed without my permission.

I like to say too over at my art site, I never focus on the fear of copyright infringement nor of having my work highjacked and used to others gain. I am making a living with my art and finding satisfaction in creating and selling my work. My view is feeling and manifesting support from my craft as a way to create sustained prosperity from all that I choose to sell. It is working. Yesterday I got news of the final decision to use one of my paintings (digital) as a book cover.

Here is the link to that information

All the proper channels were taken to obtain my image and I am so pleased. Infact you could say I am pretty darn happy. Dancing on clouds, feeling life dreams becoming ‘reality’.

So it is with great pleasure I share some of what I do here with you. Each image is uploaded with full resolution, a 300dpi and hope with all me heART if you find an image you like you take it and use for your enjoyment

Later today more of the blog will be posted, in the meantime… I am going to take some coffee in and let the day open up to me. I will close my eyes, visualize and feel how I desire the next ‘segment’ of my life to unfold. In my practice this is called pre-paving my world. I actually talk to myself (think) how I want this next part of my day to look and feel. Such powerful work. Yesterday I was at a meeting all day for my job. Beforehand I had closed my eyes, saw and felt how I would find ways to study and pass my test (I had failed once quite some time ago). I also thought how I would be interested in the class and discover new information that would assist me in doing a better job at work.

Each time I preform this practice I am given proof time and again how truly powerful pre-paving is. I felt good being at the meeting and I did find new information I had missed that would assist me in doing a better job in serving and preparing food. I felt good being there. Not one time did I say to anyone or myself that this was a waste of my time or that I was loosing a day by being there. (These were some of my thoughts that last time I showed up and failed). It was intense as I studied even through lunch. I was focusing on the information and felt a connection with the teacher, listening and soaking up all I could. I must say with all honesty that pre-paving was a necessary element in enjoying my day. It is like a super-duper intent mantra that gives a boost of clarity and control back to me; the participant of my own life!

I am finding that each time I take ‘time’ for me first, I catch up. It is as if slowing down to take a conscious assesment of how I want my life to work, I actually cut through the corners of ‘not knowing’ and doubt.
My moment of Snail is like the fable of the ‘tortoise and the hare’; in the long run I seem to get to where I want to be and along the way I see the ‘forest for the trees’ ok…hehehe I’ll stop for now.


About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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15 Responses to At a Snails Pace…FYI

  1. Linda Lovett says:

    I just love this beautiful blog of yours!!! And I will take advantage of your sweet offer to share your images with us. I have captured the ones today to add to my screen saver. Great job, Lina. See you on the bubble.

  2. linaji says:

    Hi Linda,

    Gee thanks so much! I am so happy you are enjoying blog and images. Feel free to use in any way you deem desirable!
    I also wanted to post your blog to my blog favs on this one. I will do so today.
    see you later!

  3. avalyn says:

    hello dearest heart…thanks for the reminder for pre-paving, got out of the habit of that and with sooo much going on as you say, it is a very fine attention in these full-on creative times.
    I am meeting my twin flame on saturday……can you believe it?!! Put that out so long ago and with a question at the end……but here he is as ready as I am …..and that’s my pre-paving, since I can feel squirrelly stuff arising re THE ONE, since I find all ONENESS a delight, however….it is certainly time on the planet for such joining of forces and wish to celebrate the love expanding….
    I agree with what you say about sharing art…I am glad you are supporting that, since I do not have any interest in trying to protect my work and wondered if I was just tooooo lazy to make things work for me, but good news for ALL…loving you and wellness my darling friend….avalyn X

    • linaji says:

      Hi dearest Avi…
      I know it has been forever but I do hope you will connect to this much much appreciative reply. Prepaving is indeed useful and works! It works so good I am in a wonder sometimes why I don’t do it more. Comes down to that word discipline and will be exploring that today when I post.
      I am so curious as to your meet with your twin flame… I am looking forward to hearing more my dearest. I do know that you are one beautiful catch in heart, mind, creative force and your smile… I cannot wait to know your smile. tehehehe.
      Yes I don’t worry much about certain things however it does feel good here to allow for some of what I create to be freely shared.
      Today is post day and I am ohhhh 5 days behind!!! ha! that is why I shall write about that word… ‘discipline’…tehehe

  4. Tori says:

    Congratulations on the book cover, Line. That is so exciting, and from everything else you’re talking about in this post, is pure Karma. Giving, and giving more. Not worrying about people stealing must be a freeing experience. You’re right about the free exchange of material, which I’ve been reading about in the work of science and health care. Instead of closely guarding your research, it is put out there for others to work on, and hopefully to find cures will come faster. This is truly giving up of ego, and not wanting the praise that goes with being the first to reach a milestone. Stealing of artwork may seem inconsequential in comparison. I do appreciate all the young people that willing and freely give their art so others can create.
    The pre-paving you do sounds like a great way to start your day and from what happened at your meeting, it seems to work. Attitude towards anything you are doing is important to success. I’m glad you had a good day. The connection you felt with your teacher surely went both ways. Loving your blog and you too, Lina!!

    • linaji says:

      Hi Tori…

    • linaji says:

      I’ve been waiting to get on and let you know I’ve read your comment a few times and enjoy your insightful remarks.
      I too have heard of the medical, biological even math mathematical advantages of sharing info and work.
      I am posting on the subject Discipline. Lisbeth wrote me a wonderful RB bubble mail and I think I became inspired on what to do next.
      This blog is a precursor to my own book and I was thinking it would help in the ‘discipline’ department. So what I would say to you now in that I’ve taken too long to reply will be addressed in the blog. Ha!! what a life Tori!

      Thanks so much for being part of my experience here and in RB. xox

  5. shar says:

    so happy I signed up for this. you are full of helpful ideas, for me personally, aside from being just one gorgeous blooming spirit. an absolute joy, and if I make any positive changes using your insightful sharing, will be sure to let you know. as nothing good comes easy, this I have learned. love love love ♥♥♥

    • linaji says:

      wow darling.. here I go again, hoping I can get this posted by tonight.
      I am so please you are here with me on this jorney!!!
      Sending you much Love,

  6. liesbeth says:

    Sharing heART… what’s not to like about it Lina… smiles…
    that is sharing..creating more.. expanding.. and the youth is right about doing so… past weekend i’ve been to a fair to show some of my heART and one of the organizers told me after she had viewed my work how much her son would love many of my pieces as a background for his creations… i gave her a card with my website for him to see… for me it would be a joy to see somebody else create more with my pieces.. have to admit that i don’t have to sell my heART to make a living out of it , so it’s easy for me to say..but it’s true.. it fills your heart and soul if somebody else likes your creations enough to add to it… that feels just as wow as selling a piece..
    i do have the ‘do not use without asking’ on my website..but i also have many pieces uploaded in large sizes knowing it’s easy to copy … hehe…
    Besides Lina.. word gets around that heART is going to be the most important ingredient of the new world… if so , i’m convinced so is sharing and collaborations… smiles….
    Your heART on the cover of a book must feel great because it brings you money..but probable even more so because somebody out there saw and understood the beauty of what you created…
    as for the ‘pre-paving’ .. so wished i could bring up the discipline to do that.. but even if i could… there aren’t so many days i know how i want it to be, i think that’s part of my path..ha!… learning through experience.. 😉

    as for the snail’s pace… big smiles… i have a friend who so often tried to make me speed up while walking my path.. i’ve always told him..i always get where i have to be on the exact right moment. Even if you think i’m a slow learner i have to do it in my own pace.. to be able to learn all I came here to learn… now several years later he’s getting the point…now who is the ‘slow learner’..? she said in a loving way… 😉

    interesting and useful information you bring us Lina… xx

    • linaji says:

      I am really finding a great deal of connection with you through this blog Lisbeth. What you just wrote me in my bubblemail was brilliant and I hope I can use your name and if you would like a link to your work I shall but I want to quote you on a sentence as It really made me smile and feel like I know what I should write about today.
      Thank you for this and let me know if it is ok to use or use/link your name.
      This comment above had me feeling so much of what you are to me in my eyes, full of delight and a twinkle too

      Besides Lina.. word gets around that heART is going to be the most important ingredient of the new world… if so , i’m convinced so is sharing and collaborations… smiles….

      heheheh xoxo

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh my generous love 🙂
    I’m sorry it has taken me until now to read, but boy it was just so lovely in this moment of quiet to do so.

    You are beyond belief in all you do and how you feel it.
    Lisa xxxx

  8. RJ Heller says:

    Well Hello There….So happy to find your Blog…Love it. As you know I have recently started my own website, to display photos…but…Mostly about the writing. Wanted a pure forum where I could post the writing when and where it happens. plus I have added a blog, though i really like the layout of yours so much better then mine…..if ok with you, would love to post your blog site on my site….Let me know how you are doing….Keep at it

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