A Flood of new Thinking Begins

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

It is fair to say there are days that seem to change everything as I look back to what I consider a most auspicious event. On this day in particular a very audible voice came through and asked me to ‘just look at what Redbubble had to offer. The feeling was more like a friend looking over my shoulder and gently taking my hand that had been hovering over the delete button away, thus giving me a moments respite and allowing me to think and process what this clear audible voice had been asking me to consider.

I went directly to the instructions on how to set up a homepage and also my image/icon and user name… Linaji . I was greeted with very clear and easy instructions on how to upload images. “Oh my goodness!”, I thought, “this is so easy!”. And off I went, pursuing something so different from what had been going on in the past few months. I was excited and felt a smile spread across my face as I gathered disk after disk (all over my room) containing all my images of the time spent in India.

The date was February 15th, 2008. I shall not forget this date I think… ever. I remember uploading these works… here is one:

My India Kali Man. I had so much fun that morning, I had forgotten how time could truly fly, and by the time Mid afternoon came round I was receiving comments from other artists who were telling me my work was wonderful. I believe the term ‘flying high’ is what I was experiencing. I felt so connected to my images and to this process developing between me and the other community members. It was almost instantaneous. I began to feel a respect for myself I had not felt in a long time. I started to talk to people via replies and what is called on this site, ‘bubblemail’. The joy I felt when commenting on their work had me in my element. It was so easy to see what others did well and to express to them how I felt about their work. The newness of feeling others tell me same came for the first time easier and understandable since I totally adored my experience in India and truly felt I had been good at capturing the essence of this land.

I started to ‘feel’ a break in this dismal sense of life I had been accepting and I moved towards a better sense of ‘who I was’. I could hardly wait to see my roommate. Now that was a first; for around this time of day before her arrival home from work, I would frantically start cleaning up my mess in the kitchen and the mess that was me. I would paste a smile on my face and have some story ready about me leaving the house to do this or that seeing him or her. Oh I became such a grand fake around 6pm. But today would be different.
Because I was.

About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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9 Responses to A Flood of new Thinking Begins

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow my love,
    such a significant move….RB has had that impact on many a person, myself included.
    Love the way you’ve ended this. xoxoxo

    • linaji says:

      I love RB very much. Like a good parent, RB leaves me pretty much alone till I decide I want to play!! ha! xxxx
      I love RB for having met you too my dearest heart.

  2. Lisa says:

    I also meant to say, the images are amazing my love….I’ve always been in awe of your talent. What a treat you are xxx

    • linaji says:

      hehehe thank you, free for the taking.. all high res I think as I did not make these for web …. all uploaded at 300 so if you want to play with them and take them as a back ground ect for your fine blog I would be honored..
      linking back is cool too..

  3. ruth bues says:

    Dear Lina,
    I’m reading your Blog and arrived here I am so moved and wish I could send you a hug.
    You are very courageous and your communication is so human. Your photography is amazing Lina. Much love XXX

    • linaji says:

      it is such a pleasure to see you here and letting me know what you feel. I’ve come a long road and there is miles to go! Along the way the peace is in the letting go and just finding ways to create which makes me feel good.
      I feel your hug, yum!

  4. Sassie says:

    GIRLLLLLLL, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, RIGHT?? Oops, the keyboard expressed itself in a holler, I swear this is true. heheheh But I also believe there are no mistakes so I’ll leave it –as is—“Truth stands on its own feet”.
    Sending you thanks for the invitation to see you outside the Bubble; hugs (((you))) to
    comfort the scrapes of today and as always,
    Sassi :)))))

  5. Sassie says:

    PS. Just yesterday I toyed with the notion to delete my RB account as I felt ‘what’s the point of this’. Admittedly, I was having an adult tantrum. But I delayed it and today opened to your mail which was my signal that, had I followed my yesterday’s whim, I would have missed your oh-so-welcome beckoning over here.
    Sweet spot you have created here , my friend. The banner is just gorgeous, as is the writing and the poetry. Go forward, and cre8!! Kisses and hugs,

    • linaji says:

      What I love about you Sassie is your complete abandon to life and love. I know we all have these roadblocks that I now call signposts instead. Just a signpost of where I am vibrating right now.
      It is also such a wonderful insite to know your gifts when synchronicity occurs.. we call it all toward us in ways that seem sometimes so magical and sometimes painful too. But each and every day we can go to the river, put our boat in and let go the oars. We can do this again and again throughout the day and pat our self on the back for being >Aware< we can, cause everything we want is downstream! xxx
      So glad to meet you outside the bubble Sass.. thank you.

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