Rust Down

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

What a relief to rust down

To let go
The clown cloths
The minuet sparkles
The fancy religion in red
The bittersweet lovers in black
I have dressed up and undressed
In this room, now more like a place
To hang bones and memories that grieve
This place barren of doing and being more
Than I ever care to be. I am not wasted by the
Loneliness revealed in this place but am aware now

Of my capacity to Love.

Linaji 2010


About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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7 Responses to Rust Down

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh my love,
    I’ve shivers, what a stunning poem, and the image is so tranquil and desirable…
    I am swept up in your love
    which I know has no boundaries.

    sublime art xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • linaji says:

      Darling, I am so worried now.. you betta communicate or I’ll scratch yer eyes out! ha… thank you so much for connecting here, my own space for the story and for the love. xox

  2. Sassie says:

    oh, that photo is just awe-some….can almost hear the early morning sounds of the gentle slap of water against the boat, the bird holler overhead and the melody of the hide and seek sun…. it is a place of the Senses, just like your poem…

  3. robpixaday says:

    So powerful, full of of deep understanding and peace.
    Wonderful, Lina!

    (I’m on here WP, too; if you click on my avatar you’ll see me)

  4. robpixaday says:

    LOL…messed that up! If you click on my NAME you’ll see me. The avatar just goes to Gravatar.

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