Through The Traffic of my Mind, the Vortex did call

to gain an understanding for this blog, please start at the first entry January 19th 2011

My life was closing in on me. My pocket book was completely bare and so I took to selling clothes to my roommate, all very expensive glorious works of clothing art. I had shopped in all the best places and enjoyed cloths shopping with a passion. However I could no longer fit into some of the items I loved dearly and knew my roommate had quite an eye for.

I asked her if she wanted to go shopping one day and she smiled and said, “my car or yours?”.
” Oh dear one” I said, ” I’ve got a different shopping experience planned for us”. “Turn left down the hallway and open that door, inside you will find a walk-in closet full up of gems you’ve been admiring for sometime now”. She squealed, she ran to the room I occupied and headed for the walk in closet. Inside she enjoyed herself by going through a meticulous and varied selection of jackets (oh how I love a smart jacket), pants, jeans, blouses, tank tops, shoes, even stockings I had not worn in a very long time. Whew… I made rent by her purchases and had extra for the food I was eating way too much of and then some. Gas, gas for leaving this home, going out in the world and finding a job!

Well now all that could wait, ‘tomorrow tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow’.

The next morning I awoke and completed my daily two minute exercise on really feeling the feelings around hope and understanding who I was. I got up, and instead of going to the living room and turning on the television. I thought to myself, “Oh my it’s been weeks in checking my emails”, how I dreaded doing this, but this morning I felt capable of expanding my world just this much (a thimble full) and sat down to go through what was 800 messages that had not been opened. Oh no, I was not feeling good.

As I deleted/trashed messages I did not want to see nor open, I kept seeing this Redbubble mail and I sat back for a moment and remembered why I had it coming to my mail. I was in my newly finished office and showroom, I had wanted to put up my own art I had photographed of my experiences in India on my walls surrounding me in my office. However, my partner said it was too, well, ethnic. We got into a horrible fight over this as I thought her white bread attitude of work place and art was thinking ‘low’ and ‘unyielding’. After all, I had traveled the world and she had not. I was involved with people from different cultures, she was not. So we came to a place I had not experienced with her before, a place that cut a wide gap of realizing the way she viewed life and work and the way I did.

I opened up the mail from
Redbubble and I began to remember how much I liked viewing the art here. My partner and I had come to an impasse and a compromise as it were; we would buy art that I was not personally involved with.

“Well enough of this reminiscing I thought, go find the way to unsubscribe from this site and delete this horde of Redbubble messages.

That’s when I heard it, a voice so chillingly real and audible I had to stop my finger from hitting delete.

This was the vortex of my nature calling, this was the day that my whole world began to change.

About linaji

I am having a good time with life now that I pay attention to how I feel. If I don't feel so good I look to what I am thinking and from there I change everything.
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4 Responses to Through The Traffic of my Mind, the Vortex did call

  1. Lisa says:

    My love,

    how wonderful it is to get to know you even more than I feel I do, what an experience and a realisation to have with your friend. I’m so glad that you stayed with Redbubble, it certainly has changed my life, as you have.

    Love you xxx

  2. Where would any of us be if you had not opened your heart and our eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world, looking at art, even looking at words and see how they express the whole person, body and soul, when it’s REAL. And you, my dearest, are as REAL as they come – perfectly, wonderfully, joyously, amazingly real – and in that reality there is love that nurtures so many of us. What a turning point in not only your journey, but ours too! xoxox

    • linaji says:

      Such a joy you are my dearest Lianne, I am full of your love and appreciation as I send back the same to you. We both have so much to contribute to this lovely life and relief is just one thought away… heheheh xoxoxo

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